Fantasy Auto Racing of Tennessee

"Blowin' Away The Competition"


Getting Started:

Each owner will pay entry fee ($30.00)

Each owner will choose a team name.

Each owner will get a draft position .

Each owner will draft in order by division.

Second round will go in reverse order. (Snake draft).

This format will continue for six rounds.

If a driver is chosen by an owner that driver is no longer available.(in that division).

Trades may take place at any time between owners (in same division) before the trade deadline ( finish of race 20).Trades will be allowed/disallowed by a three member panel's vote (Majority rules).

After the six rounds of the draft all other drivers will be placed in a pool. ( These drivers may be picked up at any time).

If a driver is traded or dropped, the owner retains the points for that driver(to that day).

Owners must have a minimum of six drivers on the roster at all times.

Remember : We draft drivers, not car numbers.


Each owner will choose four of their drivers for qualifying of each race, (This lineup must be posted on the website BEFORE qualifying.(changes to the lineup can be made prior to the start of the race ).No lineup,no points .

Owners will receive points for qualifying (3 points for pole,2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd and 4th).  

If no drivers are posted before the start of the race, the owner will receive points for that race (using your last weeks lineup), but no bonus points (Qualifying) will be awarded and there will be a 10 point deduction. Additional weeks without a lineup, the deduction will increase by 10 points. After 3 straight weeks with no lineup, the team will receive a 0 for additional races.

There will be four races during the first 26 races that an owner may STARTALL ( this is when an owner gets points for all six drivers on their roster ). These races are determined by that owner and must be posted with the note STARTALL !!(Only four races)

( Note : If an owner uses a STARTALL before qualifying and decides not to use it for the race, NO QUALIFYING POINTS WILL BE AWARDED )

 For  NASCAR's non-points events (All-Star, Clash, Duels) we will award points to the top 10. Winner gets 15. Second receives 9 points, down to 10th place, who receives 1 point.


The highest scoring team in each division will qualify for the FART Playoffs.

The two WILD CARD teams will be the highest scoring, non-division winner and the team with the most race wins. 

After the first 26 races of the season (Points events) Owners who win their division and the two WILD CARD teams, will be re-positioned 3 points apart (based on finishing position ).

Only these teams are eligible for the championship.

All the remaining teams will be placed into one division for the BEST OF THE REST. (Points will be reset to zero).

2017 will mark the first season with Playoff Elimination Rounds.

10 teams will make the Playoffs (Division winners and Wild Cards).

The highest scoring team for each race will earn a "W" (They advance to the next round).

After each round, 3 races, the 2 lowest scoring teams (without a "W") will be eliminated. They still want to try to finish as high in the standings as possible.

Points will be reset after each round.

This will leave 4 teams to battle for the championship with one race to go.



Points Scale:

Our point scale matches that of NASCAR ( + the qualifying points)